All Ambulances are equipped with:

  • Stryker power cots
  • Abbott Plum A+ Infusion Pumps
  • Fetal doppler
  • Portable ventilators with BiPAP capabilities
  • Disposable CPAP devices
  • Video intubation device
  • ​Expanded medication and pharmacology protocols
  • Zoll Cardiac Monitor/ Defibrillator

               o    Capable of 4 and 12 lead and End-Tidal Co2 Monitoring

ACLS and Critical Care Protocols including but not limited to:

  • Trauma Scene Medical Support
  • Advanced Pain Management Protocols
  • Advanced RSI and Airway Management Protocols


Toll Free: 866-205-8330

24/7 Ambulance Dispatch, Serving Nebraska and Kansas
  • Paramedic interception service
  • Event/sport medical standby
  • Non-Emergent Basic Life Support
  • Emergent Basic Life Support
  • Non-Emergent Advance Life Support
  • Emergent Advanced Life Support
  • Critical Care/ Specialized Care Transport
  • Medical training for the general public and medical providers