After seeing the impact that our critical care transport and Advanced Life Support teams were making in the Omaha Metro Area on a daily basis, we wanted to further assist the area facilities with their transports by offering EMT Transport Services. Offering this service allows the hospitals and facilities to transport their non-emergent patients to other facilities where they can receive specialized care or skilled nursing care. These patients are handled by experienced EMT's that practice within the Basic Life Support scope of practice. 

Critical Care Transport

When a new provider joins our team, they are offered the chance to support a community cause. EMS standbys in the form of extreme sports medicine teams were the brainchild of a few of our providers. This is a great way for us to support community events so that the athletes, entertainers, competitors and spectators can enjoy what they love while having the peace of mind that there are well-trained and experienced EMS providers standing by in case of an emergency.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the following event venues for their support:

Eagle Raceway, Lancaster Event Center, Ralston Arena, Bar2Bar MX, Lincoln Sports Foundation MX, and Werner Park.

EMS Standby Services

Advanced Life Support Transport Services

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24/7 Ambulance Dispatch, Serving Nebraska and Kansas

One of the services we provide here at 9 Line is critical care transport for the critically ill, high-acuity patients. These are patients that are often coming from ICU's or from critical access hospitals that need emergent, critical care medicine to survive.

We are excited to announce that over 70% of our staff is trained and certified to provide critical care level medicine to these patients. Along with our staff of Critical Care Nurses, Critical Care Paramedics, and Flight Paramedics, we have advanced protocols and interactive medical direction teams that assist our providers in giving the highest level of transport care possible. 

While not all patients may need critical care transport, there are a lot of patients that need a higher level of care from a paramedic. 9 Line offers ALS transport services with skilled and experienced paramedics. A paramedic can provide cardiac monitoring, advanced airway skills, medication administration and monitoring, and much more. All of these providers are skilled in ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS. 

EMT Transport Services