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Rayce came to 9 Line in July of 2020. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Emergency Management at UNO and has an associates degree in Diesel Ag Tech from Southeast Community College. Rayce comes to us with 5 years of experience as an active member of a rural fire department and previously served in the military as a Marine. He has played a huge role in helping us with our fleet maintenance and management. We are grateful to have him on our team!

Bailey joined the 9 Line family in 2020 as an EMT. After completing her Bachelors Degree at University of Nebraska, she realized her dream of working in EMS after being a very active volunteer on her local EMS squad and immediately applied to work at 9 Line. Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is a hard worker and a great team member. Bailey hopes to soon begin Paramedic school. We have enjoyed getting to know her this year and look forward to watching her grow as an EMS provider!

Josh came to 9 Line in November of 2019. He has spent the last two years working in interfacility transport and just recently finished paramedic school. Josh has been such a great addition to our team this year, it is a privilege to have him as part of the family. He is a friend to all and shows compassion and kindness to all of his patients. We are very excited to see where his career takes him!

Josh H. - Paramedic

I joined the 9 Line family in October of 2017 after moving to Manhattan, Kansas to pursue my degree in Management Information Systems at Kansas State University. I started my EMS career in my hometown of Ellinwood, Kansas in 2017, working 911 as an EMT. In 2019 I became an AEMT and started in on the ground floor of the 9 Line station in Manhattan providing advanced care for patients. I have recently finished my degree at K-State and I am currently persuing my paramedic certification. I continue to be very active with the Ellinwood Fire Department and in my free time, I love to spend time with my family, my nephews, and occasionally working as a wedding DJ. I’m excited about what the future holds for me and even more eager to continue in the growth of 9 Line.

​In 2020, we made the move from Tecumseh to Auburn, where we continue to serve the surrounding rural southeast towns by providing a higher level of transport care from the surrounding critical access hospitals to hospitals that can provide a higher level of care. Our auburn station is primarily made up of Paramedics and EMTs. 

Meet Our Staff!

Austin W. - Senior Paramedic

​Omaha Station - Omaha, Nebraska

Sara began working for 9 Line in September 2020. She came to us after completing her EMS bachelors degree and Flight Paramedic from Creighton and is now continuing in her studies for pre-med at Creighton! She serves as our clinical coordinator and has been working to keep our crews ready to take care of the higher-acuity critical care patients. Sara has been a vital team member for our Omaha station, as she is always ready to help and graciously gives so much time and energy to helping others. We are so happy to have her here and can't wait to see where she leads her team!

Thomas B. - EMT

​Fleet Operations

Courtney joined the company back in 2017 helping to open our very successful Manhattan, Kansas station. Courtney then finished her degree in Athletic Training at Kansas State University and left 9 Line for a paid athletic training internship with the Kansas City Chiefs. Courtney was very successful there, but wanted a higher education and ultimately a career in EMS. She is currently working on her Masters in EMS at Creighton where she served as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer this year. She is also still employed as a provider at Riley County, KS 911. We are so excited and thankful Courtney has found her way back to us as an Omaha station employee at 9 Line. She is so much fun, so hardworking, and just an incredible asset. Welcome back Courtney!

​Kyle D. - Paramedic

Rayce H. - NE Provider

Sara R. - Flight Paramedic

Clinical Coordinator

Cody W. - AEMT

​Cruz A. - Paramedic

Meet some of the employees who are dedicated to serving their communities and their patients. We are fortunate to have industry-respected providers who work hard to provide a positive patient-care experience on every call. This page is currently under development and we are always adding new members to the team; but here are just a few of the friendly faces you may run into!

Kyle came to 9 Line in April of 2019. He served in the Army from 2007-2016, where he became a paramedic. He has worked in inter-facility transport for the last 3 years. Kyle loves his family and spends as much time as he can with his three beautiful children. He has been a great addition to our 9 Line family, and is always willing to learn and work hard to help grow our company.  His work ethic and positive attitude are invaluable to us, and we are excited to see where his career takes him!

I joined the 9 Line family in April of 2019 after working for Midwest Medical Transport for 4 years. I function as a Paramedic and I also handle daily operations in Nebraska and Kansas, along with website development and social media marketing. I have worked in inter-facility transport since 2015 and I also have a background in hospital and clinical administration, as well as insurance compliance and billing. I am currently studying to become a critical care paramedic and someday hope to become a nurse anesthetist. I spend most of my time outside of work and school playing with my rescue pup, Jax! Since I started working at 9 Line, I have seen how much of a difference our providers make in rural communities on a daily basis. I am so fortunate to have such amazing co-workers to mentor me through the next steps in my career! 

Courtney B. - EMT

Manhattan Station - Manhattan, KS

Thomas Bryan is an EMT in Kansas and began his career with 9 Line Med in October 2018. Since then, he has become a vital member to our team. Thomas brings many different experiences and skills to the table, having worked in rural fire and rescue, along with an extensive knowledge of mechanics and operations. He has recently taken over our fleet operations and he's constantly making sure our patients, crews, and ambulances are safe on the road! We are lucky to have someone so dedicated to our success and we are excited to watch him grow. 

Eric P. - Senior Paramedic

One of our busiest stations, the Manhattan station provides interfacility transport care to the citizens of Manhattan and surrounding counties. Our providers at this station are trained to handle a variety of needs and can accommodate higher acuity patients. Get to know some of the providers from the Manhattan station! 

​Lincoln/Auburn Station - Lincoln, Nebraska

Wade L. - Paramedic

Cruz came to 9 Line in November 2020. He previously worked at CHI Bergan Mercy in Omaha as a phlebotomist and critical care tech while completing his paramedic certification. Since then, he has worked as an ER/Trauma Paramedic. Cruz is also currently in school to complete his nursing degree. Cruz shows great compassion to his patients and has been such a fun team member! He is always willing to learn and always happy and excited to be at work. 

Austin came to 9 Line in July 2019. He started his career in EMS as an EMT, and received his paramedic license in 2014. Since then, Austin has worked in medical transport and clinical settings. Some of us have known Austin since the beginning of his career and we are all proud of the provider he has worked so hard to become. He brings many experiences and dynamics to our team and we are thankful for his leadership and willingness to work hard to help build our company.

Our Omaha station opened in November 2020 and we are so excited to see the tremendous growth and positive response we've had from the area hospitals! Omaha handles higher acuity advanced life support calls, as well as critical care and specialty transports. To accommodate the higher level of care that these calls require, the staff at this station is primarily made up of Critical Care RNs and Paramedics. 

I became a part of the 9 Line family in late 2016 and have been honored to watch it grow, and grow along with it, since then. I became an EMT in 2007, and got my paramedic degree from Southeast Community College in 2013. Along the way, I have worked with 911, interfacilty transport, and have done volunteer work for the Red Cross. Here, I function as a paramedic and handle operations projects. I am in the process of becoming an ACLS and BLS instructor, and I hope to become critical care certified soon. I have 3 children and when I'm not running them around to various activities, we find a lot of ways to have fun together. We love board game nights and movie nights, and my ten-year-old especially likes the Nerf guns and foam swords. We have a pet tortoise named Boris, and he's not particularly exciting or smart, but we love him anyway.

​Bailey J. - EMT

Wade started working for 9 Line in 2018 after receiving his Paramedic degree from Southeast Community College. He has also previously served as a firefighter on Bellevue Fire Department. He is kind and compassionate to his patients and co-workers. He is always the first to volunteer to help out and we have been fortunate to watch him succeed in  his career and we are so excited to see him grow more as a provider in the coming year! 

"One of the biggest reasons I love working for 9 Line is that every day, we get to bring care to rural communities that really need it" 

​Brianna G. - Paramedic